Sunday, January 24, 2016

X-Files Reboot, The Calm Before the Storm

So, before we all get caught up in the disappointment and/or fervor of The X-Files (2016) reboot, and I’d like say a few things. I love The X-Files, like love it in a “rewatch the entire series every year”, “no one better say anything crazy to me about it” and “Dana Scully is my spiritual guide” kinda way and because of that I’m choosing to not take this reboot too seriously. Not to downplay the seriousness of the situation, the rebooting of a series that actually deserves and could thrive off a another go ‘round is quite a rare event and I’m happy it happened to a fandom I belong to yet, I’m skeptical. Of course I’d like to believe that creator Chris Carter maintained this fire in his belly to continue his eternal quest for ‘the truth’ with two of the greatest characters television has ever known but…

Maybe it was something in the trailers or the choice of supporting cast or the “too good to be true” manifestation of this whole thing but I have a nagging feeling that the best we can all hope for, is a good roll in the hay with Mulder, Scully and our nostalgia. No disrespect, perhaps Carter has laid some old tropes to rest and will set Mulder and Scully to embark on new murkier waters while keeping the Government in the rear window...for the most part.

As the time draws near (mere minutes away) the future becomes less certain and hope is the only light in this formidable and exciting darkness. Whatever happens, we’ll always have ‘93 thru ‘99 (the seasons I consider canon) and there’s nothing anyone, even Chris Carter, can do about it. Fingers crossed, let’s get this thing going!

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